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Friday, May 25, 2012

# 15 - Camo

Don't ask me why I decided to create a camo look because I don't know! *laughs*
I just needed to do it. I know that's not the kind of outfit you can wearing everywhere...
But what do you think about the result?

Credits :

Shirt 1 : .::Vassnia::. The Camo Factory - Wet T-Shirt 2
Shirt 2 : dl:: LoLo Strapless Top camo
Pants : .::Vassnia::. The Camo Factory - Ripped Jeans CUT 1
Upperarm bracelets : V-Twins - Gloves arm military green
Fishnet Armwarmers : .::Vassnia::. The Camo Factory - Armwarmers
Gloves : V-Twins - Military gloves green
Nails : [MANDALA] SINRA nails black
Gun : Kilo 13's - GR-42 Holster (I have it for several years. 
The creator is still in SL but seems to create only cars now)
Hair : [rQ] - Urge~pitchONYX
Tattoo : dl:: HG Face Tattoo Green
Necklace : Sad's Jewells - Necklace DOGTAG (G)
Piercing : dl:: Nose piercing
Mouthie :  *Dreams* Bloody Razor (Inventory. Now the store is called "Somnia")

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