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Saturday, August 30, 2014

#710 Ajoncs

Hello my dear followers, don't forget the District 5 hosted by Depraved Nation is still running. A few days left before it's too late. On September 4th it will close its doors.


Credits :

Hair : Tableau Vivant - Kyary mesh NEW District 5
Skin : DeeTaleZ - Skin Around The World / Jule
Eyeliner : Buzzeri - Essentials
Eyes : Buzzeri - Celestial Eyes NEW Kustom9
Nail polish & Finger Armor : Miamai - Lacquer Sublime Witchcraft mesh (for SLink hands) NEW The Fantasy Collective
Bodysuit : Loulou&Co - Bodysuit Gail mesh NEW District 5
Boots : Bax Coen - Regency Boots mesh
Necklace : Loulou&Co - Necklace Perfidy NEW District 5
Armband : DirtyStories - Emo Armband NEW District 5
Faceband : Cubic Cherry Kre-ations - Rebel Night Faceband mesh NEW District 5
Tattoo : Letis Tattoo - Essence NEW District 5

Poses :
Photos 1, 2 & 3 : Axix - Savage Poses Set
Photo 4 : Nantra - Vignette Poses Set

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#709 Terrain de chasse

First I want to thank all my sponsors, my followers and each person that has read my blog for their support since May 2012
Thanks to you I can share all these amazing clothes, accessories, hair, poses and so on created in SL.  

We have reached 100,000 visitors!!

Second I have for you a look of the day which is a bit dark, a bit cyberpunk... I hope you will like it.

Credits :

Hair & Hat : Tableau Vivant - Barony Hair mesh NEW The Fantasy Collective
Skin : DeeTaleZ - Skin Around The World / Jule
Eyes : Dead Apples - Anime Eyes
Nail polish : SHOCK - SLink Dark Beat Nails NEW District 5
Dress : Adoness - Marguerite mesh NEW District 5
Boots : LeeZu - Milo Boots mesh
Mask : DRD - Vampire Borg Mask mesh NEW District 5
Backpack : DRD - Vampire Backpack mesh NEW District 5

Poses : Ma Vie - I Shit Rainbows Poses Set NEW District 5

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

#708 L'arrêt de bus

My look of the day is casual and very sexy. I mixed n' matched great exclusive items created for District 5.

I hope you will enjoy the result. You will find details and landmarks below.

Credits :

Hair : Truth - Grande mesh NEW
Skin : DeeTaleZ - Skin Around The World / Jule
Eyes : Ikon - Vanity Eyes
Nail polish : Dark Passions - Koffin Nails SLink Nails HUD / Fishnet Fetish
Top : DRBC - Dollie Pop Corset mesh NEW District 5
Shorts : Legal Insanity - Jinny Hotpants mesh NEW District 5
Shoes : Insanya - Bow Pumps mesh (for SLink feet) NEW District 5
Gloves : Scene - Deliciously Strapped Gloves mesh (for SLink hands)
Tattoo : Zentro - Make Love Not War Tattoo NEW District 5
Collar : Red Mint - Posture Collar mesh

Poses : 
Photos 1, 2 & 4 : Purple Poses - Sara Poses Set
Photo 3 : Vanity Poses - Manicure Poses Set NEW My SLink Obsession

Monday, August 25, 2014

#707 Flowerchild

Today I want to share new samples of what you can find at District 5. The event hosted by Depraved Nation will go through September 4th.

I used some exclusive items to create this hippie style.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Credits :

Hair : Damselfly - Mabel Rigged mesh NEW District 5
Eyes : Ikon - Vanity Eyes
Skin : DeeTaleZ - Skin Around The World / Jule
Nail polish : MUA - SLink Nails HUD / Spring
Dress : Sakide - Artless Dress mesh NEW District 5
Shoes : Emporium - Joss Sandals mesh (for SLink feet) NEW District 5
Necklace : Maxi Gossamer - Necklace 92 Summer of Love Peace Sign mesh
Bracelets : EarthStones - Triple Hippie Bracelet mesh
Headband : The Forge - Celtic Headband mesh
Glasses : Baiastice - Vintage Roundglasses mesh
Bag : Swanky - Crochet Bag mesh

Poses : Marukin - Kook Poses Set

Saturday, August 23, 2014

#706 L'âme du bayou

The August round of Totally Top Shelf is still running. Its theme? "Elements".

The Fantasy Collective is back with a new "Voodoo" round. 

If you're a roleplayer and/or a fashion addict you mustn't miss these events!!!

Credits :

Hair : Amacci - Clara
Skin : DeeTaleZ - Skin Around The World / Jule
Eyes : Ikon - Vanity Eyes
Nail polish : Dark Passions - Koffin Nails SLink Nails HUD / Shades of Purple Gradients
Makeup : Nox - La Catrina NEW The Fantasy Collective
Gown : Valentina E. - Prudence mesh NEW The Fantasy Collective
Collar : Utopiah - Katrina Collar NEW Totally Top Shelf
Ring : Maxi Gossamer - Ring Mermaid's Serpent Eye mesh
Necklace : Pekka - Supernatural Pentacle Necklace mesh NEW The Fantasy Collective
Dagger : Munereia - Elementaire Dagger mesh NEW Totally Top Shelf

Poses : 
Photo 1 : Le Poppycock - Funny Puppet Fair Poses Set
Photos 2 & 3 : Posesion - Simple Woman Poses Set

Thursday, August 21, 2014

#705 Sur les traces d'Howard

First I want to tell you about a new event.

Till August 25th the Lovecraft Festival 2014 takes place in Second Life. The main event site is a tribute to Lovecraft's tale "At the Mountains of Madness".

The event hosts a group of amazing creators and activities. Created to celebrate Lovecraft and his universe, this event is also a charity one. Autism National Committee (AutCom) will be the recipient of their fund raising efforts.

Second I have to remember you that tomorrow (August 22nd) at 4PM SLT the Black Fashion Fair organized by WeDo SL Events will close its doors. If you haven't already pay this great event a visit, you shouldn't wait. You have only a few hours left!!

Credits :

Hair : Exxess - Teta mesh
Skin : DeeTaleZ - Skin Around The World / Jule
Eyes : Ikon - Vanity Eyes
Nail polish : Dark Passions - Koffin Nails / Lil Cthulhu NEW Lovecraft Festival 2014
Jacket : Sakide - Denim Loose Jacket mesh
Top : Legal Insanity - Nathalie Top (part of the Nathalie Outfit) mesh NEW Black Fashion Fair
Skirt : Lapointe & Bastchild - Candy Zipp Mini Skirt mesh NEW District 5
Shoes : Eudora 3D - Elsbeth Stilettos mesh (for SLink feet) NEW Black Fashion Fair
Earrings : mE. Jewelry - Mariah Earrings NEW Black Fashion Fair
Collar : Cute Poison - Heretic Collar NEW District 5
Ring : Dark Passions - Obnoxious Tentacle Ring mesh NEW Lovecraft Festival 2014
Tattoo : Kursed Angel - Sylas Unisex Tattoo NEW District 5

Poses : 
Photos 1, 2, 3 & 5 : Purple Poses - Marta Poses Set
Photo 4 : Infinti - Handy Poses Set

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#704 Voir Venise et mourir

The Totally Top Shelf, District 5 and Black Fashion Fair events are still running but don't wait too long, especially for the Black Fashion Fair which will close on August 22nd.

My look of the day is a mix n' match of items which are available at these events. I think it is casual, a bit dark and very sexy *winks*


Please note La Metallique Fair organized by L'Accessoires is open now and will go through September 8th.

Credits :

Hair : Clawtooth - Cherry Bomb mesh
Skin : DeeTaleZ - Skin Around The World / Jule
Nail polish : Nerdology - SLink Fingernail&Toenail Applier HUD / Elemental NEW Totally Top Shelf Gift
Dress : Sassy - Fade to Black mesh NEW Black Fashion Fair
Shoes : Orage Creations - Latex Mules mesh (for SLink feet) NEW La Metallique Fair
Clutch : Scrub - Disgusting Clutch mesh NEW District 5
Necklace : Glyph - Poisonous Necklace mesh NEW Totally Top Shelf
Sunglasses : Zoom - Socialite Sunglass mesh NEW District 5
Tattoo : Endless Pain Tattoos - Lil miss Strange NEW District 5

Poses : Purple Poses - Tatiana Poses Set

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

#703 The Seelie Court

Today I want to share with you a new fantasy monthly shopping event called The Seelie Court. This new event is organized by Isle of Myrth. Each session will start on the third Monday of the month and will run for three weeks. The theme will change each month.

This first round will go through September 8th. The theme is Welcome to Faerie! The participating designers are The Muses, Senzafine, Arcadia, Rook Poses, Bliensen + MaiTai, Keystone, Paper Moon, Dream Things, Fantavatar & Moonstruck, Poet's Heart, Kitty Moon, Tiar, Synsational Shorties, Uncertain Smile, Fable Tale, Southpaw.

Credits :

Hair : Milk Hair - Santana mesh
Skin : WOW Skins - Becky NEW District 5
Eyes : Gauze - Asgard Eyes NEW
Nail polish : A:S:S - SLink Nails Appliers / Bridal Collection NEW My SLink Obsession
Outfit : Poet's Heart - Tinka mesh NEW The Seelie Court
Wings : Deviance - Titania Fairy Wings Old Hunt Gift
Necklace : Keystone - Charmed Necklace mesh NEW The Seelie Court

Poses :
Photos 1 & 2 : Rook - Dream of Fairy Poses Set NEW The Seelie Court
Photos 3 & 4 : Rook - Butterflies in a Jar Poses & Props Set NEW The Seelie Court

Saturday, August 16, 2014

#702 Guerilla urbaine

The look I share with you today is a casual urban dark one.

I mix n' matched items you can buy in some current events plus a few things I already had in my inventory and here is the result. I hope you will like it.

Credits :

Hair : Wasabi Pills - Michelle mesh
Skin : Panda Punx - Body Shop Piper Skin NEW District 5
Eyes : S0NG - Bright Eyes NEW Totally Top Shelf
Nail polish : Dark Passions - Koffin Nails SLink Nails / Tar Dripped NEW Black Fashion Fair
Eyebrows : Utopiah - Queen of Darkness
Corset : Dark Passions - Luna Spiked Corset mesh NEW Black Fashion Fair
Skirt : Razor - Tight Leather Mini Skirt (part of the Gemma Biker Outfit) mesh
Shoes : Ison - Lace-up Gladiator Sandals mesh (for SLink feet)
Necklace : 22769 - The Phoenix mesh NEW Totally Top Shelf
Bracelet (left arm) : Bens Beauty - Warrior Bracelet mesh
Bracelet (right arm) : Goth1c0 - Warrior Bracelet mesh
Helmet : Random Matter - Chapman Helmet mesh NEW District 5
Piercing : Cute Poison - Frosted Piercing mesh
Tattoo : Endless Pain Tattoos - Scene Doll NEW District 5
Choker : Psycho Byts - Black Choker
Holster : Tabou Irresistible - Holster Gun Harness mesh
Bagpack : Body Factory - Arlong BackPack mesh NEW District 5
Scars : Adored - Tough Stuff Scars

Poses : Ilaya - Se Tenir Debout Poses Set

Friday, August 15, 2014

#701 Un quartier bien tranquille

The fundraising event Love Ulaa is running. It lasts only a few days. You have till August 18th if you want to help Ulaa Coronet.

The Black Fashion Fair is running too. That's a must if you're a shopping addict!

Credits :

Hair : Catwa - Mimi mesh NEW
Skin : DeeTaleZ - Skin Around The World / Jule NEW
Eyes : Ikon - Vanity Eyes
Nail polish : A:S:S - SLink Fingernails NEW Love Ulaa Till August 18th
Eyeshadow : S0NG - Glitter Glam NEW
Dress & Jacket : Shine by [ZD] - Liz Dress & Leather Jacket mesh NEW Black Fashion Fair Till August 22nd
Shoes : Insanya - Lexi Shoes mesh (for SLink feet)
Earrings : Fetch - Fayruz Earrings NEW Love Ulaa Till August 18th
Necklace : Maxi Gossamer - Necklace Sybil's LadyBug mesh
Ring : Maxi Gossamer - Ring Talia Cluster mesh NEW Black Fashion Fair Gift - Till August 22nd

Poses :
Photos 1, 2, 4 & 5 : - Sweet Sour Poses Set
Photo 3 : HelaMiyo - Fashion Blogger Poses Set

Thursday, August 14, 2014

#700 The 24 Squared

The 24²
 Sept. 5th-13th, 2014

 1 Week...
 98 Designers...
 Oh My...

Will you find just the right new thing among our limited edition exclusive to dress up your dolly?

AIM, BOSL, Cultured The Magazine, Designing SL, ModeLS Magazine, SCALA, Siren Productions and SL Live Radio are rebooting The 24 and bringing you the all new The 24² even bigger and better! More designers! More Clothes! More Skins! More Hair! More Make-up! More Accessories! All limited editions exclusives for the discerning individuals in Second Life who like to be and individual and unique in what they wear and how they look.

We have an entire week of shows and events planned with some of our amazing designers including Cheerno, Gabriel, LIVGLAM, Gizza Creations, Lybra, Pure Poison, Rapture, WoW Skins, 69 Park Ave, and JUMO Fashion. We also are giving a sneak peak at the Exclusive Limited Editions on the runway with a special show just for the ladies Saturday Sept 6th,2014 at 5pm and the Men on Saturday Sept 6th, 2014 as well just at 12pm. There will be parties with all of our event sponsors AIM, SCALA, SL Live Radio, Siren Prodcutions, BOSL, Cultured The Magazine, and Designing SL. Come shop, party, and have fun with some of the top designers Rfyre, Blvck Anchor, H.M.A.E.M, Lush By Coco, Ricielli, Dead Dollz, PurpleMoon, Calico, Vanity Hair, Dynasty, Vero Modero, Ooh-La-Licious. M.U.A, Le Primitif, Fox Poison, and Promagic to name a small few taking part.

The level of designers this year can not be beat. Express your uniqueness and individuality with limited editions skins, hair, make-up, accessories, and clothing. With only 150 being produced and sold you are not going to see these items on everyone across the grid. Stay up to date with information on the event including a complete list of designers, calenders, and more information as it develops at

What will you find that is a must have...

The 24² designers:

 69 Park Ave
Analog Dog
Baubles by Phe
Belle Amie
Blvck Anchor
Brii Underground Wear
Cerberus Xing
Dark Passions
Dead Dolls
Dulce Secrets
E-clipse Design
Faster Pussycat
Fox Poison
G&D The Italian Style
Giulia Design
Gizza Creations
House of Rfyre
J&A Rock Culture
JUMO Fashion
Kastle Rock Couture
KL Couture
Le Primitif
Lollipop Z
Love Me Skins
Lush by Coco
Lyrical Bizarre Templates
Madrid Solo
Mona Lisa
Moondance Boutique
N2 Pixel Studios
NM Atelier
No Shade
Ooh-La-Licious Skins
Paisley Daisy
Pure Poison
(RED) Sand
Silk Dreams Fashions
Stone Baubles for Men
Styles by Danielle
Tabou Irresistible
Tres Beau
{U.R} Fashion Designs
Vanity Hair
Vengeful Threads
Vero Modero
Wicca's Wardrobe
WOW Skins
Xen's Hats
Yasum Design

#699 Nymphe des bois

The theme of the new round of Totally Top Shelf is Elements. It will run till the end of August.

Don't miss this amazing event and its talented designers!

Below you will find details and landmarks.

Credits :

Hair : Oblivion - Middle-Age 019
Skin : Glam Affair - Lilith
Eyes : S0NG - Bright Eyes NEW Totally Top Shelf
Makeup : S0NG - Elemental Shadow NEW Totally Top Shelf
Nail polish : ZOZ - Chakras Polish SLink NEW Totally Top Shelf
Outfit : Wimey - Dryad Dreams mesh NEW Totally Top Shelf
Shoes : Lassitude & Ennui - Brocade Slippers mesh (for SLink feet) NEW Fit For A Princess
Necklace : On A Lark - Elements Necklace NEW Totally Top Shelf
Staff : Zyn - Spirit Lotus Staff mesh NEW Totally Top Shelf
Crown : NSP - Lady Gwynevere mesh NEW Fit For A Princess

Poses :
Photos 1, 2, 3 & 5 : Freeze Frame - Blogger Poses Set
Photo 4 : Pretense - My Hand Obsession NEW My SLink Obsession