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Monday, June 3, 2013

#311 Piddler's Perch, 22769 Bauwerk, Hate This, Follow Us, Breno, Senzafine, Kuro, End of Daze and Cleo Designs @ The Challenge

The Challenge is back with a new theme : Industrial. 

Follow Us!, %Percent Furniture & Lighting, 22769 Bauwerk, Breno, Cleo Designs, Clutter, Dysfunctional Designs, End of Daze, Kuro, Little House of Curios, Michigan's Shack, Piddler's Perch, Senzafine, Studio Sidhe, Win Factory and Hate This are participating to this new round.

I share with you a small selection of the great items these talented designers have create. You will see this theme inspired them a lot.

Credits :

Photo 2 :  
Piddler's Perch - Pipe Desk & Shelf Unit mesh NEW

Photo 5 :  
Hate This - Industrial Cupboard mesh NEW

Photo 6 :  
Follow Us - Garbage Factory mesh NEW

Photo 7 : 
Breno - Find your bearings (Wall Art)

Photo 8 :
Senzafine - Woodbridge Reclaimed Work Table mesh NEW
Kuro - Pipe Lamp

Photo 9 : 
End of Daze - Air Conditioner

Photos 11 & 12 :  
Cleo Designs - Industrial Style Bedroom

Skybox : 22769 Bauwerk - Little Warehouse Skybox

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