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Friday, February 14, 2014

#550 Futurewave

Futurewave is an event hosted by Cursed Events. It will be held from noon SLT on February 15th till midnight SLT February 23rd.

Its theme? Futurewave is a science fiction/futuristic shopping event. The participating designers are specialized in future couture, science fiction, androids and robotics, space related, cyberpunk, cybergoth,  *futuristic* post-apoc, retro futurism (mid century atomic), and Victorian futurism (like Jules Verne, etc.). The brands will share their version of the future.

Its sponsors? Beautiful Freak Cosmetics, Blue Falcon Industries, DRD, Gallactic, Geek., Gothika, Meta Theodora, MV, Pin Me Down, Spyralle and Unsung.

I will give you the landmark to the sim as soon as possible.

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