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Sunday, May 4, 2014

#621 Au fil de l'épée

Once again my look of the day is a fantasy medieval one. I promise I will show you "more casual" ones very soon *smiles*

Today is the day for two great fantasy/medieval/roleplay events. The Fantasy Gacha Carnival will open its doors at 8AM SLT and the new round of We Love Role-Play will open to public at 3PM SLT

Below you will find the landmarks but do not forget if you use them before the official opening you will be unable to teleport there or you will be ejected.

If you pay these events a visit I am sure you will find at least one item (and probably much more *winks*) you want buying.


Credits :

Hair : Geek - Kablaam mesh NEW Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Skin : DeeTaleZ - Skin Around The World / Calla NEW
Eyes : Ikon - Perspective Eyes
Face Tattoo : Axix - Morpheus Tattoo NEW Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Top : Apple May Designs - Mistie Top
Corset : Lassitude & Ennui - Elena Corset mesh NEW We Love Role-Play
Pants : Barely Legal Couture - Deranged Pants
Boots : Yasum - Victory Boots mesh NEW Fantasy Gacha Festival
Cloak : Peqe - Cape Black mesh NEW Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Face Straps : Axix - Morpheus Face Straps mesh NEW Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Bracers : Enfant Terrible - Chloes Cufs Bracers
Chest Piece : Teriotrope - Forest Belt mesh NEW Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Upper Arm Bracer : Teriotrope - Forest Bracer mesh NEW Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Chest Piece : Teriotrope - Forest Chest Piece mesh NEW Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Thigh Bracers : Teriotrope - Forest Thigh Bracers mesh NEW Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Dagger : Primus - Nights Watch Dagger mesh

Poses & Props : Nantra - Hear Me Roar Poses NEW Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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