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Friday, September 25, 2015

#874 Force tranquille

The Body Modification Expo is running. Don't miss this amazing sim event organized by Depraved Nation! There you will find a mountain of high quality exclusive items : tattoos, poses, piercings, hair, skins... to have a great looking avatar.

The charity event Rock Your Rack will be there in only a few days. It will open its doors on September 26th at midnight SLT! 64 creator... 3 sims... Exclusives... A hunt... Silent auction.. Musicians... DJs... This fundraising event is a must!!If you need more information, there is an official website here.

Credits :

Hair : Ayashi - Aime mesh NEW The Body Modification Expo
Eyes : Insufferable Dastard - Autumn Eyes NEW
Eyeshadow : Loux - Elegance Eyeshadow NEW The Body Modification Expo
Nail polish : Poet's Heart - Sultan's Treasure Nails NEW Rock Your Rack 
Body : SLink - Physique Mesh Body
Outfit : Poet's Heart - Sultan's Treasure mesh NEW Rock Your Rack
Poses :
Photos 1, 2, 3 & 4 : Ilaya - Nevia Poses Pack NEW The Body Modification Expo
Photo 5 : Infiniti - Handy Poses Set


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